The process of makeup is as below




    Fill out the the order form below, and send it to


    Order form




    Name :

   Address(zip-code) :

   Contact number :

   Email address :

   Doll company and type :

   Doll gender :

   Wish image : Please refer to the Wish Image Palette.  

                       You can attache image files.

                        we would kindly like to ask that you refrain from choosing a faceup

                       that is exactly the same as the faceup of another person's doll.




    Order confirmation


    When we receive the order form, we will send you a confirmation email, containing information

   on the cost (including shipping), the bank account (paypal), Suna Brush's shipping address,

   and in case you require it, consultation regarding the Wish Image of your doll.

   After making the payment, please send your doll to SunaBrush's shipping address.

   Please make the payment to

        the paypal account :


    Arrival confimation


    Upon arrival of the doll, we will send you an arrival confirmation email.


    Working period and shipping notice


   The makeup process takes 3 weeks from the date of arrival. After the makeup is finished,

   the doll will be packed up anddelivered to you safely. Shipping information

      and a picture of the finished makeup will be sent to your email.

    -All pictures will be posted on the SunaBrush- Catalog and blog.

     -The doll will be sent by EMS.


   If you have any question, please feel free to write on the QnA board.