Q) When does the 3 week working period start?


    A) The working period starts from the day that the payment and doll arrival has been confirmed.

        The working period is 3 weeks- 21days, including weekends.


    Q) Is it possible to change the design of the makeup during the working period?


    A) Please understand that it will be difficult to change the design once the makeup process has been started.

    Q) How do I upload pictures to the Guest Gallery?


    A) Please send any pictures to yvelyhouse@naver.com.  

        I will edit the picture to the appropriate size and upload it to the gallery.  

    If you want to have a web link to be posted with the picture, please let me know.


    Q) I have a picture of a makeup I want. Can I get makeup just like the picture?


    A) If there is a picture of makeup you want, please send it to yvelyhouse@naver.com.  

        I will do the makeup similarly to the picture.



    Q) Should I remove the original makeup before I send the doll?


    A) You can remove the original makeup, but if you don't have to.

        I will remove any original makeup before applying makeup.


    Q) Should I disassmble the doll before sending it?


    A) Ball jointed doll is head only, if the doll is assembled using screws (ex: Pullip)

        you don't have to disassemble the doll.

        However, in the case of dolls like Blythe dolls that can suffer damage to the head when disassembling,

     please send after disassembling the head.


    Q) Can I get an afterservice?


    A) If the doll receives scratches, scrapes or damages within 3 months of makeup,  

    you can receive a free of cost afterserivce 1 time, for the same makeup design.


    Q) If the doll has attachable eyelashes, do I have to send eyelashes with the doll?


    A) You can select any eyelash from the Wish Image Palette, or if you want eyelashes that are not included

    in the Wish Image Palette, please send it together with the doll.


    Q) Can I request a head custom modeling?


    A) As head custom modeling cannot be modified, I am not receiving any orders for custom modeling.


       If you have any other question, please feel free to write on the QnA board.