☆Dec.2014 Face-up Orders
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SunaBrush repainting(faceup) orders from December 2014

SunaBrush will resume receiving orders for repainting. Thank you to everyone who has been waiting.
Please note that after this order, I will not be receiving orders for an indefinite period of time.

I will be receiving orders in a partially-designated style, like below.

*Please designate only the gender/eye color/eyebrow color/expression and personality(ex: cute, sexy, confused)
*The rest of the features will be designed by myself.
*One person can order up to 2 dolls.
*The heads must be sent to me before December 8, 2014
*The work period will be two months, and the finished heads will be sent back on February 8, 2015.

Order time
December 1, 2014 Monday
By email, in the order of arrival beginning 9:00pm(Seoul time)

Only email received after 9:00pm sharp will be registered.
For more information, please check

Thank you for your interest.

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